Bimbadgen and the Environment


Bimbadgen Winery and Environmental Initiatives

Bimbadgen acknowledges the responsibility it has toward the environment and maintains a positive and progressive attitude toward environmental sustainability within our workplace. It is important to show our commitment by providing a clear purpose of environmental management within our business.

Click here to view Bimbadgen's full Environmental Statement.

Bimbadgen is a voluntary signatory to the National Packaging Covenant. Our Packaging Action Plan investigates opportunities to increase the use of recycled materials, as well as the recyclability of our products. By doing so, we have gradually decreased the amount of waste that is going to landfill.

We achieve the following key results for Bimbadgen Wines and their packaging.

•  Implementation of Lightweight Wine Bottles across the Bimbadgen Ridge, Bimbadgen Estate, Bimbadgen Regions and Bimbadgen MCA Wines
•  Printing fliers and Marketing Material to be sourced from FSC certified renewable sources where available.
•  Recyclable cardboard outers made without the use of gloss varnishes

You can find further information on our initiatives and performance in our NPC action plan (click here to download) .