Bimbadgen Support Variety




Bimbadgen is proud to support

“Variety the Children’s Charity”

as a major sponsor of Car NZ2 

“The Crazy Horse” in the NSW Variety Bash. 






Last year, with Bimbadgen’s support, NZ2 raised over $50,000 for this worthy cause.  This charity is very dear to our hearts, as almost 60% of all money distributed by Variety goes to regional areas of New South Wales (which is where Bimbadgen is!). These are places where many remote towns with great needs are often overlooked by other services.



Variety the Children’s Charity works directly with individual families and organisations in its mission to empower children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn.



Funds are usually spent on goods and services through their three core programs - Freedom Program, Caring for Kids Program and Future Kids Program.



Variety is a nationwide and worldwide charity and first began in Australia in 1975. To date they have delivered more than $180 million to help Australia’s sick, disadvantaged and special needs children.



For further information about all the activities undertaken by Variety NSW