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Freshwater spirits

Discover Freshwater Spirits

Sitting on the banks of Freshwater or “Coquun” as the Hunter River was originally named, the vision for our own line of spirits was born. Distilled with 13 native and traditional botanicals, our Maker’s Gin aims to capture the essence of the rolling Hunter Valley landscape in a bottle. We invite you to discover the taste of Freshwater Spirits today.

How Freshwater Spirits Is Made

Freshwater Spirits, including our Maker’s Gin are made right here at Bimbadgen by our Winemaker, Richard Done. By combining juniper berries and 13 other local botanicals, Richard ferments and distills the ingredients to create a fragrant spirit.

For the ultimate cocktail, serve our Maker’s Gin with chilled tonic water & dehydrated citrus for a fruity finish.

Shop the first batch of our Makers Gin here.

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