Discover Night Merchant Distillery - Bimbadgen
Night Merchant

Discover Night Merchant Distillery

Made in the still of night.

The new distillery is Bimbadgen after hours: allowing the winemakers to drop tools in the winery and transfer their talents to our distillery, ensuring they can experiment and create their own interpretation on modern spirits all under one roof.

The result is the Night Merchant – with two releases to commence.

Makers Vodka: Inspired and with a twist, our vodka is infused with sandalwood, offering an extra layer of complexity and texture.
Silky smooth and gorgeous with lemon and lime soda or the perfect additional to level up your French martini. Drink now, drink tomorrow and drink with friends.

Makers Gin: Lovely lifted green finger lime, juniper support with delicate flower blossom and pepper sweet aroma. Palate is a joyful balance of juniper, citrus, blossom and savoury notes. Our makers gin features 12 botanicals. Juniper is middle of the road and sits nicely to support our signature Lovedale finger lime structure, flavour and aromatics. A gin for all palates; delicate and smooth to be enjoyed neat over ice, punchy enough to be great in a cocktail and gorgeous with a quality tonic.

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